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Maintenance Tips For Dishwashers

Hi, I’m Mike. With four kids living at home, money is a bit tight and our home appliances seem to be on all the time, especially our dishwasher! If my wife had her way, we’d buy a new dishwasher every time our current machine has a minor issue; I prefer to make it last as long as possible. I like to make sure that our dishwasher is in good nick and is working well. I can even fix basic problems and have found a couple of reliable local technicians who can fix problems that I can’t. I started this website to pass on some the maintenance and servicing tips I’ve learned – hope it helps keep your dishwasher working!

How to Select the Best Used Refrigerators for Your Business

How can you know that a used refrigerator that you are considering to buy will give you value for money? Read on and learn some checks that you can conduct to confirm that the used refrigerator is in a good working condition.

Cabinet Check

Examine the cabinet of the used commercial refrigerator. Does it look worn and old? Only buy a used refrigerator if its cabinet looks good. The next thing you should do is to examine the door of that refrigerator. Ensure that it closes tightly once you shut it. You should also examine the door gaskets in order to be sure that they are free from any damage that can cause cool air to escape from the refrigerator. The gaskets should not be loose as you open or shut the door. Any defects in the cabinet may cause the refrigerator to fail prematurely because the components will work excessively to compensate for that defect.

Evaporator Check

The evaporator refers to the box inside the refrigerator unit. That box contains a fan. You should make sure that all the components of that box are firmly fitted in their mountings. Plug the refrigerator into a power source and listen to the sound made by the fan as it runs. The fan should emit no metallic sound as it runs. Metallic sounds are an indicator of damage to the fan blades. Avoid buying such a used refrigerator.

You should also ask the salesperson to open the evaporator box so that you can see the evaporator fins. Make sure that they are free from corrosion and cracks. Any damage to the evaporator can shorten the condenser's life.

Condenser Check

The condenser is found outside the refrigerator. It has a fan and a compressor.  Find out if the condenser fins are greasy. Any grease that you observe may be a red flag because such a condenser may be overheating due to the insulation created by the greasy film on its fins. Avoid buying a refrigerator whose fan blades or cowl is dirty. Such a compressor may be worn out due to excessive use.

It may be better for you to consult a commercial refrigeration expert in case any of the checks above reveal an issue that needs to be investigated further. That professional will save you from buying an appliance that will drain your resources in frequent repairs. You will also be saved from making losses due to product spoilage when the defective refrigerator breaks down for extended durations.